SCHB at Sermacs / SWRM 2010 (Joint Southeast and Southwest Regional Meeting - New Orleans)

Dec. 1 - 4, 2010 at The Hilton Riverside Hotel, New Orleans SWRM homepage

Program Organizer: Sharon V. Vercellotti, President, V-Labs, Inc., and Past Chairman, Small Chemical Businesses Division, ACS.

Three days of SCHB programming at Hilton Riverside Hotel.

Wednesday, December 1st PM (Prince of Wales Room)

“Patent Law Developments” - 1/2 Day program Details

Thursday, December 2nd AM (Newberry Room)

“Resources for Start-up, Small, and Growing Chemical Businesses” - 1/2 Day program Details

Thursday, December 2nd PM (Newberry Room)

“Intellectual Property Issues for Small Chemical Business” - 1/2 Day program Details
Happy Hour sponsored by Osha Liang LLP

Friday, December 3rd AM (Newberry Room)

“Small Business Successes in a Recovering Economy” - 1/2 Day program Details

Updated November 29, 2010