SCHB at San Francisco National Meeting Mar10
MAR 22 Monday Afternoon: All SCHB Sessions are at the The Moscone Center, Room 3014 West Bldg.

Algae as a Feedstock for Energy, Chemistry, and Environmental Remediation
Co-sponsored by PROF.

Jonathan Trent, Presiding

1:30 — Introductory Remarks.

1:35 —7. OMEGA: Offshore membrane enclosures for growing algae. J. Trent. Further info. Contact Info.

2:20 —8. Renewable oil and biomaterials from microalgae: The future of fuel, food and everything in between. W. G. Rakitsky.

3:05 Intermission.

3:20—9. Microalgae for wastewater treatment and biofuels production. T. J. Lundquist, I. Woertz, J. R. Benemann.

4:05 Discussion

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